Because of the RiverGhost Ranch Chamisa art, painting, New Mexico, landscape, Bandelier

         sunset winter painting with blue sky and orange clouds  art, painting, oil painting, landscape, Lake Superior, michigan, PINK PATHWAY, 11X14 OIL ON CANVAS FOR SALE, $230

Masterfully rendered with beautiful design and bold color, these paintings represent the stunning beauty that the world has to offer.

The realism of the work is punctuated by hints of expressive, vibrant paint.

I’ve been working to improve my paintings, refining and altering my technique in order to produce higher quality art for the high quality collectors who enjoy my work, and to attract new collectors.


I often start the painting by covering the canvas with an under-painting of bright color. This sets the tone and temperature of the piece. Often this under-painting shows through to the final piece, giving it a glow and atmosphere.

I then block in the elements of the scene, working out the overall composition.

Once I’m satisfied with how the color and compositional elements are working, I start developing the light and dark areas. I pull out the bright spots, and create shape and depth by darkening shadow areas. This push-pull continues until the painting represents the best highlight and shadow combination to convey the depth and weight. A bit of detailing on foreground completes the landscape painting.


To read more about the production of a painting, go here:   https://johnfrenchoilpaintings.com/2018/04/29/upcoming-painting-ghost-ranch/

About the Materials:
I use Windsor & Newton brand and Grumbacher Pretested oil paints. I paint on different brands of gallery wrapped canvases. In general, the more money I spend on a canvas, the better quality a painting starts with. That means better art for you.

en plein air painting outside at Marquette's lower harbor
John french painting at Marquette’s lower harbor during the 2017 Fresh Coast plein air festival