Am I the John French you’re looking for?

Michigan artist John French, contact

So you think you have a John French painting or print?

From time to time, I get a Facebook message or an email from someone asking if I’m the artist of a certain painting they have. Sometimes there’s a description of the piece, other times there’s a photo.

Perhaps they inherited the piece, or found it in an attic. These people usually want to know the value of their painting or print. Sometimes they simply want a story about it.

Almost always, I am NOT the John French they’re looking for.

I’m really too young in my career for my work to be inherited, or found in an attic or other storage. My clientele is more recent, and usually younger.

There is a much older artist named John French from Texas. I’m not even sure if he’s still alive.  He was prolific enough that there seems to be people all over the south who have his art in their collections.

I was born in New Mexico, and I live in Michigan. I never lived in Texas.

So, do you have a painting from me, or the older John French? Well, first, look at the signature. Then, look at the heading of my website. My logo is my signature, and it’s been almost the same since 1988.

Then, look at my art. Please, really look at it. 

See the differences? He painted a lot of historical, wildlife, and cowboy paintings. I hardly ever include figures or animals in my paintings.
He was very meticulous, detailed and tight. My style is more bright, chromatic, sometimes loose.
For more information, check his bio here:
The galleries I’ve linked to can probably help you way better than I can.
The (slightly) younger John french

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