Marquette Art Week is Coming

art, oil paintings, wall art by Michigan Artist John French

The residents in and around Marquette, MI  love their artists. That goes for visual arts, performing arts, and music.

marquette symphony violin painting by john french
John French Painting on a violin. This was a fund raiser for the Marquette Symphony Orchestra

As a board member of the Marquette Symphony Orchestra, I saw the excitement and pride that the community felt about its regional orchestra. The concerts were well attended and the organization was well supported.

Summertime in Marquette brings a flurry of activity. We try to pack six months of summer activities into three months of summer. It’s easy to find something to do on any given weekend. This includes visual art exhibits, fine art fairs, and gallery shows.

Marquette celebrates the arts with Art Week. Beginning on June 24, Marquette will be sent into an art-euphoria with music, performance, and of course fine art. More information about Art Week is here:

Art Week’s premier fine art event is the Art Stroll in downtown Marquette on Thursday, June 28. Downtown Marquette will be transformed into a huge outdoor gallery or art fair. Businesses partner with artists and stay open late to art lovers.

Marquette frame shop with oil paintings by John french
My work at Art of Framing for the 2017 Art Stroll

For the third year in a row, I’ve teamed up with Art of Framing on Washington Street. I’ll be showing my latest work, presented in Stacie Duwalt’s gorgeous frames. I’m thinking of having a painting demonstration out on the sidewalk, if the weather is nice.



For more information on the Art Stroll, follow this link:

Closing out Art Week will be the Fresh Coast Plein Aire (sic) Festival, on June 29th and 30th. The correct spelling of the term is plein air.  A small army of artists from around the region will plant their easels around the city and paint outside. I participated in this event last year, and it was a lot of fun.

plein air oil painting in marquette, MI
John French painting at Marquette’s Lower Harbor for the 2017 Fresh Coast Plein Aire Festival

I have a new plein air set up I’m anxious to try, along with a system of painting quickly but tight. I’m hoping to have my ideas perfected by the time Art Week happens.

There will be a reception and awards ceremony on Saturday the 30th. I urge you to support these artists by attending the reception, and consider purchasing a piece of original art.


I hope to see you at one or more of these Art Week events!

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